Brussels, 25 February – The Ukrainian family and the Belgian community took to the streets together to draw the world’s attention to urgent issues concerning Ukraine. Under the slogan “The world has changed! Stand up Protect Europe,” we felt the tremendous power of our unity and huge support from Europe.

This march was an important step towards global understanding of the situation in Ukraine. We support our country and all its citizens in the joint struggle for peace and justice. Our community demonstrates that together we are stronger, that together we can change the world.

Reminding the world about Ukraine is our mission. Unity and support for each other are our strength. We believe that only together can we achieve victory in this struggle.

We want to thank everyone who joined the march, who supports Ukraine every day: Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Belgium Promote Ukraine Ukrainian Civil Society Hub Young European Federalists [JEF] Promote Georgia The Association Of Ukrainian Women in Belgium Association of Ukrainians in Belgium – ТУБ

With respect,

Ukrainian Voices RC Team

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