Dear ukrainians and friends of Ukraine!

Next week, on Wednesday we will hold a decisive demonstration on frozen assets ahead of the G7 Summit in cooperation with ICUV.

  • Date and time: June 12, 17:30
  • Location: Rue de la Loi, 175 (in front of the EU Council)

As the G7 Summit in Italy approaches, we need to ramp up our pressure. Addressing the G7 leaders, we will call for decisive measures to enable the use of the immobilised Russian state assets for the reconstruction and continued war defence efforts of Ukraine. As the global cooperation and aligned efforts of the G7 countries are crucial to supporting Ukraine and its people in the unjust war of aggression and making Russia bear the responsibility for its wrongful acts. We also will urge them to use the meeting in Italy, to support the confiscation of the profits from the frozen Russian assets, as well as the entire body of assets. Seizing Russian assets is a legitimate way to make Russia pay for the crimes it commits in Ukraine on a daily basis.

Our demonstration will be a part of a larger campaign that will take place in all the G7 capital and in the heart of the EU under the banner ‘Make Russian Pay’.

We encourage everyone to join the demonstration and share the info on your social media!
United we are stronger 

Promote Ukraine Team

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