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Hardworking Volunteers Have Opened Second Distribution Center

Our hardworking volunteers, Olga Michelot, Alena Ivashchenko, Lyuba Karpachov, and many others of Promote Ukraine, together with volunteers of our Facebook group Solidarity with Ukraine, have opened the second distribution center for humanitarian aid for refugees in Brussels.

Thanks to the active citizen position of Mr. Ferazzolli, a retired official at European Commission, and the generosity of the President of CPAS of Etterbeek Mr. Van Praet, and the mayor of Etterbeek Mr. De Wolf, we were able to welcome refugees from Ukraine and provide much-needed food, hygiene packages and extra clothes donated by the residents of Belgium from all over the world.

Our centers in Etterbeek are open 6 days a week and in Laeken 4 days a week. Follow us for updated opening hours and other distribution center news.


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