Friday February 24 will mark one year since the Russian army invaded Ukraine on the orders of Putin and his regime. A year of indescribable suffering and bloodshed for the Ukrainian people.

The completely unjustified invasion has already cost the lives of many tens of thousands of Ukrainian civilians and military personnel. Every day the Ukrainian people face brutality and violence. Millions of civilians have been forced to flee abroad, millions are internally displaced.

Entire towns and villages have been reduced to rubble by Russian bombing and airstrikes. Civilian infrastructure (electricity and heating networks, schools, hospitals, railroads, ports, etc.) is being systematically destroyed, making the country unlivable.

Putin wants to make an independent and livable Ukraine impossible:
The Russian army has committed mass murders of civilians and Ukrainian soldiers in many places. The fate of many thousands is still unknown. Mass rape campaigns and killings by rape, are established attack strategies. With every liberation of a Ukrainian village or town, new crimes come to light.

A great many Ukrainian citizens (including hundreds of thousands of children) have been deported, without permission and often by force, to the territory of Russia.

The Ukrainian people rightly refuse to be passive victims of this war of aggression and actively and massively resists the invasion, with or without arms in hand. Very widespread mutual solidarity and self-organization of the population plays a crucial role in enabling this resistance to continue, as does international support in many different forms.

The killing of the Ukrainian people before the eyes of the world and the destruction of independent Ukraine must stop! The loudest possible international protest against the Russian invasion and the widest possible solidarity with the Ukrainian people is more necessary than ever.

On Saturday, Feb. 25, we will massively take to the streets of Brussels against the Russian invasion and for solidarity with Ukraine. The demonstration is part of a worldwide week of action against the war of aggression.

At the corner of Koning Albert II Laan and Boulevard d’Anvers 25 of February at 13:00

• Peace for Ukraine, no to the Russian war! Immediate cessation of bombing by the Russian military and withdrawal of all Russian troops from Ukraine.
• The widest possible support for and solidarity with the Ukrainian people in their justified resistance to the Russian invasion.
To add your organization’s name to this appeal, please write to us at Please state if you sign individually or as an organization.

The event is organized with the initiative of Promote Ukraine, The Union of Ukrainian Women in Belgium and Europees Netwerk voor solidariteit met Oekraїne.

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