If the Russian Federation launches an open armed aggression against Ukraine, Poland will face a serious influx of refugees. The Ministry of Interior and Administration of Poland is preparing to receive about a million Ukrainians.

According to Rolskieradio, this was stated by Deputy Minister of Interior and Administration of Poland Maciej Wąsik.

“If there is a war in Ukraine, we should take into account the influx of real refugees. People fleeing from fire, people fleeing from death and the atrocities of war… We must be prepared for the worst-case scenario. The Ministry of Interior and Administration has been taking measures to ensure that we are ready for the arrival of this wave, consisting of even a million people, who, with the most radical element, may appear on our eastern border,” Wąsik noted.

He explained that he was talking about preparing for the crossings, medical care, accommodation, and food. The Deputy Minister stressed that Poland would not refuse to help Ukrainians.

“According to the Geneva Convention, these people will be under the protection of Poland, and we will not distance ourselves from this. We must help refugees – this is international law, but these are also the rules for the coexistence of civilised people, the principles of European and Christian culture. We will not distance ourselves from this and are ready to provide assistance,” the Deputy Minister said.

At the same time, he urged everyone not to succumb to hysteria and panic.

The day before, Polish President Andrzej Duda held a meeting of the country’s National Security Council (RBN), after which he stated that Ukraine’s sovereignty and security were strategically important issues for Poland. He also added that there was no dispute between Polish politicians about the need to react to Russia’s aggressive actions and the need for comprehensive support for Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki once again declared his full support for Ukraine. His visit to Kyiv is scheduled for the first week of February.

In particular, the Prime Minister noted that Poland would provide adequate support to Ukraine in the face of the threat of Russian aggression. The world should “prevent further aggressive actions by Russia,” which could “terrify the whole of Europe.”

According to Morawiecki, in recent years, Putin has been “checking how much he can afford,” “crossing new borders,” and so on.

As a reminder, last week the Sejm of the Republic of Poland adopted a resolution condemning Russia’s aggressive actions and calling on the EU and NATO to provide full support to Ukraine.

Bohdan Marusyak

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