Polish President Andrzej Duda has stated that Poles cannot leave Ukraine in the current difficult situation and do not agree with the Russian Federation’s actions to change the borders by force. He also added that Warsaw will continue to support Kyiv in the international arena, because Ukraine is a “state that has been attacked,” and war is constantly “smoldering” in the territories occupied by Russia.

The statement was made during a congress of Gazeta Polska supporters.

“This is a very difficult situation, and I have a deep conviction that we cannot leave Ukraine in such circumstances. Therefore, wherever I am in the international arena, I emphasize the need to comply with international law. After all, no one needs to be explained how threatening the situation is, in which Europe and the whole world would recognize that it is possible to agree to change the borders by force, even if this agreement is tacit,” Duda said.

He also noted that during the last 5 years in the relations between Ukraine and Poland there have been “different moments”, there is still a historical problem between the states. However, if the two peoples unite, they will “live in true friendship, mutual respect, without mutual claims and with respect for the dead”.

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