Political Scientist Oleksandr Paliy published “History of Ukraine” in English

Oleksandr Paliy

“Bookshelf” is the name of the new column in which Promote Ukraine will tell you, dear readers, about new books that help Ukrainians better understand Europe and EU residents to learn more about Ukraine. Obviously our public – pro-European Ukrainians and pro-Ukrainian Europeans – should benefit from such new knowledge.

So, the newly published A history of Ukraine” in English is the first on our bookshelf. Its author is a well-known Ukrainian historian and political scientist Oleksandr Palii. The publication is quite lavishly illustrated and has 460 pages (which is a short course compared to the Ukrainian version). “This book sets out Ukraine’s history from antiquity to the present day, offering a condensed overview of the turbulent history of Ukraine. The publication will help answer the following questions: What is Ukraine, a country which has recently been much talked about in the world? And it will help to understand how Europe has become precisely as we see it now,” said Mr Palii to Promote Ukraine.

The author noted that the book, which covers Ukrainian history from the Stone Age to Zelensky, should be a good gift for foreign readers. It can also be helpful for Ukrainians learning English: the juiciness of the language in this book is guaranteed by translator Vasyl Starko and editor Thomas Harmston, a teacher at the London School of English.

In the photos: Oleksandr Palii and his book in Ukrainian and English.

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