President of Ukraine Signs Decree on Deepening Integration with NATO


President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky signed a decree to enact the decision of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine (NSDC) on urgent measures to deepen Ukraine’s integration into NATO. The relevant NSDC decision was considered in secret.

The document emphasises that Ukraine’s preparation for NATO membership is the most important state task, and Ukraine will be considered a real candidate for NATO membership if serious progress is made in all spheres of the country’s life.

In addition, the text states that Ukraine is taking steps to intensify cooperation with Allies in order to implement the decisions on Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations, which are enshrined in the Bucharest Summit Declaration of 3 April 2008.

According to the document, the NSDC instructed the Cabinet of Ministers to:

– Analyse within two months the progress of implementation of annual national programmes under the auspices of the NATO-Ukraine Commission and take measures to increase the efficiency of their implementation.

– Work out the issue of creating separate structural subdivisions in the government agencies on Euro-Atlantic integration.

– Consider within three months the creation of a national system for the transition of the security and defence sector to NATO standards.

– Ensure within six months the development of professional development programmes for civil servants and officials of local self-government bodies on the issues of Euro-Atlantic integration.

– Ensure the adoption of laws and regulations that are necessary for the comprehensive implementation of the law on defence procurement.

The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine was instructed to:

– Take steps to extend the NATO–Ukraine Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in consultation, management, communications, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance under NATO’s Partnership for Peace.

– Submit within two months for consideration to the Cabinet of Ministers proposals for improving the requirements for physical security, internal control processes, and reporting procedures related to military property.

– Take measures for the immediate appointment of a military representative of the Mission of Ukraine to NATO.

Relevant ministries and agencies were also instructed to ensure the participation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in NATO operations, exercises, and trainings; intensify the dialogue of Ukrainian intelligence with colleagues from NATO; organise the exchange of experience in counteracting the hybrid war with the Russian Federation; and assign Ukrainians to work on additional positions at NATO Headquarters and other bodies.

Bohdan Marusyak

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