Brussels, May 2024 – Promote Ukraine NGO is calling on all supporters of democracy and peace to join two pivotal demonstrations in Brussels this month. These events are crucial in rallying support for the use of Russian assets to bolster Ukrainian air defences and reminding NATO members of their commitments to Ukraine amidst ongoing aggression.

Demonstration 1: Use Russian Assets to Protect Ukrainian Sky (organised in cooperation with the International Center for Ukrainian Victory (ICUV))

  • Date and Time: 13 May, 13:00
  • Location: Rue de l’Enseignement 2, 1000 Brussels, near the Belgian Federal Parliament

This demonstration calls on the Belgian government and Prime Minister Alexander De Croo to lead in providing Ukraine with air defence systems. The Russian Central Bank holds approximately €210 billion in assets within the European Union, primarily located in Belgium, which are proposed to be urgently redirected to strengthen Ukraine’s air defences. An open letter demanding immediate action will be delivered to Prime Minister De Croo during the demonstration. This action is critical following a deadly missile attack on Chernihiv on 17 April, which killed 17 and injured more than 60. Given delays in Western military aid and looming threats of a Russian offensive, Belgium’s decisive action is essential. Johan Van Overtveldt, Member of the European Parliament, and Carlo Van Grootel, lawyer and editor of De Liberale Vereld, will be present at the demonstration.

Demonstration 2: NATO – Keep Your Promises!

  • Date and Time: 16 May, 17:00
  • Location: In front of NATO HQ, Boulevard Léopold III, 1110 Brussels, Belgium

Scheduled to coincide with the Military Committee in Chiefs of Defence Session at NATO, this demonstration will urge NATO chiefs of defence, meeting in a NATO-Ukraine Council format, to uphold their commitments to Ukraine. 

“The NATO alliance has delivered only half the aid promised to Ukraine, leaving us critically under-resourced. This delay not only invites further Russian offensives but also prevents us from mounting an effective counteroffensive and even maintaining our frontline positions. Delayed support translates directly into a prolonged war, escalating casualties and destruction, rising costs for our allies, and a devastated Ukrainian military. Ukraine remains committed to defending itself and its allies, but to achieve substantial outcomes, we depend on the steadfast support of these allies. It is imperative that NATO fulfils its commitments by enhancing and accelerating its aid. We need proactive actions, not just reactive measures to the peaks of Russian aggression. This is essential for a solid and strategic response.” – Olena Kuzhym, Manifestations Lead, Promote Ukraine NGO

The Promote Ukraine NGO is committed to advocating for Ukrainian sovereignty and security. By participating in these demonstrations, the public can lend a voice to those fighting on the frontlines and remind leaders of their promises to protect democratic values against Russian aggression.

Join us in these critical demonstrations to support Ukraine in its time of need. Together, we can make a difference!

For further information, contact:

Promote Ukraine Team

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