The Russian occupation forces once again violated the ceasefire agreements reached on 22 July 2020. Enemy saboteurs tried to approach the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to mine them, the press center of the Joint Forces Operation reports.

The approach of a reconnaissance and sabotage group of militants towards the Ukrainian positions was detected from the observation post in the area of responsibility of one of the brigades, whose personnel execute combat missions near Luhansk.

“The servicepersons of the Joint Forces units took concerted action and thwarted an attempt by the enemy saboteurs to mine the positions of our troops and to give up sabotage operations in the future. The enemy withdrew after the firefight,” the JFO Headquarters informs.

As the saboteurs’ retreat was inspected, the following things were found:

  • Russian-made mine-warfare equipment (three MON-50 mines and KSF-1 type dispersal cassette with PFM-1 type mines prohibited by the Geneva Convention)
  • Bulletproof vests with call signs Martin, Khudoi, and Grigor
  • Two duffel bags
  • Cable tier
  • Four 5.45mm magazines

The enemy adjusted approaches towards Ukrainian positions with the help of Granat UAV, a part of the electronic warfare system Navodchik-2. Ukrainian troops shot down the UAV; the collected data are being studied by the relevant Joint Forces’ units.

Natalia Tolub

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