Promote Ukraine Offers Congratulations on the Upcoming Holidays and Recalls What Marked the Year Coming to an End


Every year is an opportunity to become better, more developed, stronger, and the time of the New Year holidays is a period of drawing a line on what happened, succeeded, and what needs to be done in a new turn of time.

2020 has been a challenge for the world and, in particular, for Ukraine. Every year, we face new difficulties that have to be solved. We will remind you of the key moments:

  • January was marked by a UIA plane crash, in which people died, a small earthquake in the Zakarpatska region, and the coding of the satellite signal of 23 Ukrainian channels.
  • In February, we were keeping an eye on the protests in New Sanjar against the evacuees from China, congratulated director Irina Tsilyk for the award from the Sundance Film Festival, and listened to the winners of the national selection for Eurovision 2020, the band “Go_A” with the song “Solovey.”
  • March was the catalyst for the year, as coronavirus cases were recorded in Ukraine this month, the Goncharuk government resigned and a new Shmygal’s one was formed, and quarantine was introduced throughout Ukraine.
  • In April, detainees were exchanged between Ukraine on the one side and ORDLO on the other, and the largest fires in the Chornobyl zone were extinguished.
  • The “Zolota Dzyga” and “Zolota Zhar-ptytsya” Awards were announced, the conflict in Kagarlyk, and the weakening of quarantine took place in May.
  • June marked Ukraine’s membership in NATO‘s Enhanced Capabilities Program, the floods in western Ukraine, and the election of Scarlet, who had previously been caught plagiarising, as acting education minister.
  • In July, “Dynamo” Kyiv won the Ukrainian Football Cup for the 12th time, a bus with passengers was hijacked in Lutsk, and a heart transplant was performed in Lviv for the first time.
  • In August, Kyiv’s Dynamo won the 2020 Ukrainian Super Cup, a treasure of 11th-century silver coins was found, and the highest flagpole with the flag of Ukraine was installed.
  • September was marked by a plane crash near Kharkiv, the recognition of e-sports as an official sport, and the awarding of the Vasyl Stus Prize to director Akhtem Seitablaev.
  • In October, local elections were run, an all-Ukrainian “Remind Everyone” campaign was held, and people were outraged by the Constitutional Court’s abolition of criminal liability for false declarations.
  • “Weekend Quarantine;” an agreement with NASA on the development of the Moon, Mars, comets, and asteroids; and the preliminary selection of the great State Emblem of Ukraine took place in November.

Having listed the key points, we see that the year turned out to be difficult and replete. In the next year, 2021, the Promote Ukraine team wishes everyone good health, solidarity, strength, and inspiration for new victories and results. Be vigilant, conscious, and energetic! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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