Promote Ukraine has delivered an ambulance for military medics, an off-road vehicle for the Special Forces, medicines and multinational beds to Ukraine. At a time when thousands of Ukrainians and their friends took to the streets of Brussels to express their support for Ukraine, the founder of @promoteukraine, @martabarandiy, prepared her team and delegated the march to the teams’ leaders.

In the meantime, she went to Ukraine herself on a humanitarian and political mission, together with journalists from Valentin Dauchot ( ) and Pol Loncin Mark (@lesnews24 ), and MP @georgesdallemagne. She delivered an ambulance for the military medics of the 72 brigades of Black Zaporozhians ( @72th.ombr ), an SUV car for special forces in the southern direction, as well as five multifunctional beds, two gurney chairs, 10 handrails, and medicines to the Odesa hospital for wounded soldiers. She also visited our point of resilience in Kyiv, providing it with everything necessary so that it continues to help those who find themselves in trouble.

Both cars have finally reached their new owners
Promote Ukraine has delivered to Ukraine an ambulance for military medics of the 72nd Mechanized Brigade named after the Black Zaporozhians, an off-road vehicle for the Special Forces in the south, medicines and multifunctional beds
Bridging Solidarity — Humanitarian-Political Mission to Ukraine

We are infinitely grateful to everyone who made this possible. We thank the Renaissance Foundation for providing the warehouse for the preparation of the departure. We thank Oleksandr Pelykh (@lana.pelykh) and Olena Minenko (@elenaminko for delivering everything to Ukraine. We thank Yaroslav Demchyna (@sxs_1008 ) and his kind family (@roman_demchyna, @olehdemchyna ) for the warm welcome of the delegation and their support throughout the mission. Thank you to everyone who donated for these cars. We thank those who, unfortunately, cannot be named. And we especially thank you, Marta, for the example of dedication and sacrifice in the name of the Ukrainian people. You inspire us; we respect you, and we are proud of you. Our whole team wanted you to be with us on the day of the march and lead us all, as you lead us every day.

Promote Ukraine Team

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