Promote Ukraine NGO is thrilled to announce the launch of the “Ukraine Leads Network,” a platform designed to showcase civil society organisations in the EU dedicated to safeguarding and advocating for Ukraine’s interests. The Ukraine Leads Network will also serve as a bridge, connecting these organisations with potential supporters and donors.

In addition to the platform, 27 organisations have united to sign the Manifesto of Ukrainian Civil Society Organisations: Actions Agenda in Support of Ukraine for the European Elections 2024.

“We, Ukrainian civil society organisations based in the European Union (EU), unite to present this manifesto that reflects our collective vision, values, and aspirations. Our mission is to advocate for the victory of Ukraine, sustainable peace with security guarantees for Ukraine, and Ukraine’s role in the EU – which we consider essential for upholding democracy, security, human rights, and prosperity on the European continent. We believe that Ukraine can contribute significantly to a stronger, more inclusive, and peaceful Europe. Our manifesto outlines the principles and priorities that we firmly believe resonate with millions of individuals across the EU.”

Learn more about Manifesto and Ukraine Leads Network:

Promote Ukraine Team

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