All members of the Alliance agree that Ukraine will become a member of NATO. In addition, the Allies should now prevent Russia from using winter as a weapon of war.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated this during the Ukraine Defence Contact Group meeting in the Ramstein format in Brussels on 11 October. “Welcome to NATO. Your fight is our fight. Your security is our security. Your values are our values. We will stand with Ukraine for as long as it takes,” he said.

During the Ramstein format meeting, the Promote Ukraine team called on world leaders to make brave decisions and bring Ukraine’s decisive victory closer. After all, the longer Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine lasts, the higher the chances that the world will become more divided. Ukraine calls on its allies to remain united in this joint struggle and ensure the speedy victory of our country.

For this, Ukraine needs:

– Fighter jets

– Long-range missiles

– Air defence systems

All these weapons will help Ukraine protect its cities and save the lives of its soldiers who die every day defending a democratic and free world. Only the defeat of Russia can prevent other tyrannical and terrorist regimes from attacking the sovereign neighbouring states.

This is how the Promote Ukraine team welcomed President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to Brussels.

As a reminder, on 4 April 2023, NGO Promote Ukraine organised an action in front of the headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) to welcome the resumption of the Ukraine–NATO Commission meetings at the level of foreign ministers. The meeting was the first in nearly six years since Hungary has blocked the meeting since 2017.

“We believe that the resumption of the work of the Commission is of crucial importance for the future cooperation for the decisive victory of Ukraine and the restoration of the security of the European continent,” said Olena Kuzhym, co-organiser of the rally from NGO Promote Ukraine.

We underscore the need to continue supporting Ukraine and call on NATO to work on strengthening Ukraine–NATO relations in light of ongoing security challenges.

Video by John Moore, Promote Ukraine

Natalia Tolub

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