Recently, we welcomed Georges-Louis Bouchez, President of the MR – ruling political party in Belgium – at https://www.ukrainianhub.eu.

We discussed support for Ukraine and Ukrainians. What exactly Mr. Bouchez said about jobs for Ukrainians, about Ukrainians in Belgian politics, about Russian sanctions circumventions, about Lukoil stations in Belgium and about recognising Holodomor as a genocide, you will be able to read in the next edition of Brussels Ukraїna Review.

Mr. Bouchez expressed his very explicit solidarity with Ukraine: “… yes, it’s my job. It’s my war, too, and I think it is important to say that all the time…”

After the interview, we went to the Український культурний центр Promote Ukraine for displaced people in Rue d’Arlon.

During his visit of our premises, Georges-Louis Bouchez passed by the rooms where refugees have some classes of their choice. At that time, there was a music lesson for children. When we entered the room, they sang the Carol of the Bells – a prominent Ukrainian carol that can be heard in many Hollywood films during Christmas time. In the other room, Ukrainian women were learning French. Mr. Bouchez gave them some more motivation for learning this beautiful language, namely. he offered to hold debates with him. about Ukraine in the EU in one year time.
Later, we showed Mr. Bouchez our little warehouse where we keep the next shipments for Ukraine.

In the end of his encounter with Ukrainians, Mr. Bouchez took some complicated files of our refugees/volunteers so he could follow up on them with the respective governmental and international institutions.

It was the first time for a visit from Mr. Bouchez but definitely not the last. The President will come to Ukrainians once again very soon.



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