Volunteers from 55 countries from all continents joined the International Legion, which was created in Ukraine due to the full-scale, unprovoked aggression of the Russian Federation.

“Our Legion consists of representatives of… 55 countries, all parts of the world and continents. These are representatives of even such distant countries as Brazil, South Korea, Australia,” Damien Magru, Legion Speaker, said.

According to him, most of the legionnaires are Americans, British, Poles and Canadians. Many of the latter have Ukrainian roots. There are also many service members from the Baltic states and Finland.

At the same time, the spokesman refused to disclose the total number of soldiers of the International Legion due to the confidentiality of information.

He also stressed that the International Legion is part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine; all members of the unit have official contracts and receive allowance, ammunition, and weapons from the Ukrainian state on a par with Ukrainian service members. This, in terms of military law, distinguishes them from mercenaries of private military companies fighting on the side of the Russian occupation forces.

Bohdan Marusyak

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