For several weeks now, the Royal Theatre of La Monnaie in Brussels has been adorned with a giant image of the theatre of Mariupol destroyed by the Russian occupiers, and every night the facade of the building is illuminated in the colors of the Ukrainian flag. In cooperation with Promote Ukraine and the Ukrainian Institute in Kyiv, projects and initiatives are implemented aimed to “keep attention” on the issue of the war in Ukraine and demonstrate support for the victims of the war.

Since the beginning of January, posters on the La Monnaie’s outer walls have been giving visibility to the destruction and damage of Ukrainian civilian, religious, and cultural buildings by ruscists.

postcards from ukraine
© Postcards from Ukraine, Ukrainian Institute

“The ‘before and after’ poignantly shows how devastating this war is and the lasting scars it leaves,” reads the Theatre’s press release.

La Monnaie also supports the organisation of concerts. On 19 February, the performance of the Piano Concerto No. 2 by Ukrainian composer Sergei Bortkiewicz, performed by Illia Ovcharenko, is scheduled at La Monnaie. The event is free for the citizens of Ukraine.

The performance of Reinhold Glière’s Symphony No. 3, named after Ukrainian ‘epic knight’ Ilya Muromets, is scheduled for 22 April

In addition, the theatre wants to hold a public debate with European and Ukrainian intellectuals to find ways to support Ukrainian artists. In particular, it is planned to provide an opportunity for Ukrainian opera houses to perform on stage in Brussels.

La Monnaie does not stay away from the topic of the war in Ukraine, it is not indifferent to the issue of the suffering of the civilian population and the numerous victims of Russian aggression.

Bohdan Marusyak

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