Ruscists Plan to Involve Foreign Citizens in Holding Pseudo-Referendums in Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine

Kremlin Russia

Currently, the occupiers have great problems with preparing pseudo-referendums, in particular, due to the successes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the vigorous efforts of the Resistance Movement, and public sentiments that have been and will be pro-Ukrainian. According to the data of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, the Russians prepare “independent observers,” among whom, in particular, there may be citizens of the European Union, to legitimise the pseudo-referendums in the international arena.

The terrorists intend to involve the following persons in conducting pseudo-referendums:

  • Gunnar Lindemann, member of parliament of the city-state of Berlin from the Alternative for Germany party
  • Ulrich Oehme, representative of the Alternative for Germany party and former Bundestag member
  • Maurizio Marrone, head of the so-called DPR “representation” in Turin (Italy) and regional adviser of the Brothers of Italy party
  • Xavier Moreau, co-founder of the Centre for Political and Strategic Analysis “Startpol” (France)
  • Aleksandar Djurdjev, head of the Serbian League party
  • Palmarino Zoccatelli, head of the so-called DPR “representation” in Verona (Italy)
  • Kris Roman, head of the so-called DPR “representation” in Belgium
  • Johan Bäckman, director of the so-called DPR “representation” in Finland

The presence of “independent observers” should help Russia create a picture of “legitimate expression of will” for the international community.

Natalia Tolub

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