Ruscists Sign Agreements in Russia to Kill Civilians in Ukraine

The Security Service of Ukraine published video of a conversation with a captured Russian sniper. He says he signed an agreement to kill civilians before leaving for Ukraine.

According to the Russian, at the end of April, each serviceman in his company agreed to such war crimes.

“Some people wrote waivers, but the political officer said, ‘Write reports again, you have to go.’ He said that if we did not go, we would be put in the brig or simply dismissed,” said the Russian who was taken prisoner in the Volnovakha district of the Donetsk region.

The Security Service of Ukraine reports that the new prisoners of war no longer tell investigators that they came to Ukraine to take part in military drills. Such stories were common at the beginning of the war, but now the ruscists are well aware that they will be ordered to execute Ukrainian civilians.

Natalia Tolub

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