In the Kharkiv direction, as a result of the successful counteroffensive of the Ukrainian Defense Forces, the occupiers are trying to retreat deep into the temporarily occupied territories. Some of them are trying to cross the border with the Russian Federation and leave for the territory of the Belgorod region, the Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine reports.

During the escape, the ruscists massively looted everything in their path, loading generators, telephones, and computers stolen from Ukrainians onto their vehicles. Cases of school robberies were recorded. Even horizontal bars and sports equipment were taken out of gyms.

In one of the villages, the ruscists stole a bus and abandoned it 6 km away. Thirty-six bodies of the occupiers were found in it.

The personnel of the units of the so-called “DPR,” stationed in Izium until recently, had to retreat 60 km from the town due to the lack of replenishment of ammunition and fuel. Their relatives are shocked by the stories about Ukraine’s offensive as the Russian mass media broadcast the opposite information, telling about the successful offensive of the ruscists.

Meanwhile, against the background of the retreat of the Russian army, there are talks in the military circles of the occupier power about the inevitability of defeat and the prosecution of all participants in the aggression against Ukraine.

In several aviation garrisons of the Russian Aerospace Forces, families of crew members of the aircraft that launched missile strikes on the territory of Ukraine discuss fleeing the country and hiding from international justice.

Just like the Nazis after World War II, Russian criminals plan to leave for South American countries.

Natalia Tolub

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