Russia Again Sent an Illegal “Humanitarian Convoy” to Donbas

Soldats Russia in Donbas

Ignoring the repeated warnings of the Ukrainian side, without its official consent, and in violation of Ukrainian legislation, conditions, and modalities of delivery of humanitarian aid, the Russian side illegally sent a so-called “humanitarian convoy” to the territory of Ukraine. It is intended for the population in the territories temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation in Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine.

The movement took place through the Russian border checkpoints “Donetsk” and “Matveyev Kurgan” and the checkpoints “Izvaryne” and “Uspenka” closed by Ukraine. At the same time, the Russian side made it impossible for Ukrainian border guards and customs officers to carry out mandatory control procedures, which are provided by the legislation of Ukraine and norms of international law, including bilateral international agreements.

In view of these illegal actions, a note of protest was sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation demanding strict adherence to its international obligations. The Ukrainian side also demands that they be sent in the future in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine and through the border checkpoints controlled by it.

It should be reminded that Promote Ukraine wrote about the Russian mercenaries who get to Donbas including “humanitarian convoys.”

Natalia Tolub

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