Since the beginning of a full-scale war against Ukraine, the Russian Federation has suffered huge losses in both equipment and manpower. According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as of the morning of 1 May, the total combat losses of the occupiers were as follows:

  • personnel – about 23,500 persons were liquidated,
  • tanks – 1,026 units,
  • armoured combat vehicles – 2,471 units,
  • artillery systems – 451 units,
  • MLRS – 151 units,
  • anti-aircraft warfare systems – 80 units,
  • aircraft – 192 units,
  • helicopters – 155 units,
  • vehicles and fuel tanks – 1,796 units,
  • ships / boats – 8 units,
  • UAV of operational and tactical level – 245 units,
  • special equipment – 32 units,
  • cruise missiles (shot down) – 84 units.

According to the Ukrainian command, the Russian enemy suffered the greatest losses near the town of Izyum in the Kharkiv region, where they are trying unsuccessfully to break through the defence of the Armed Forces.

The defenders of Ukraine in this area launched massive strikes and destroyed a large amount of enemy equipment and several Russian command posts. According to unconfirmed reports, a number of senior officers were eliminated, including General of the Russian Army Andrei Simonov.

It should be noted that according to Oryx project analysts, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already seized more than 1,200 units of various Russian equipment, which now help Ukrainians fight against the invaders.

Bohdan Marusyak

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