The bank accounts of the opposition leader Alexei Navalny and his family members in Russia, as well as his entrepreneur’s account, have been blocked. The Russian politician reported this on Instagram.

“They not only stole all the money I had but also deprived me of the opportunity to earn it. However, was it possible to expect something else? The apartment, current accounts, the individual entrepreneur account have been arrested,” the Russian oppositionist wrote.

According to Navalny, all the expenses for the flight to Germany, treatment in the clinic, rehabilitation and accommodation were paid by his business friends.

To recap, Navalny collapsed on 20 August onboard a flight to Moscow from Siberia. The plane had to land in Omsk. The incident is under investigation.  According to the main version, someone wanted Navalny to be poisoned and added a toxic substance in his tea. Germany reported the oppositionist was poisoned with “Novichok,” the most dangerous nerve agent of Russian origin. According to the poisoners’ plan, the victim was to die immediately on the plane. The oppositionist survived only due to the quick reaction of the pilot and atropine, injected by doctors.

Natalia Tolub

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