Russia Delivers Unlawful Judgments Against Crimean Tatars

Crimean Tatars

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine condemns the judgment delivered by the Southern District Military Court of the Russian Federation to convict four citizens of Ukraine – Seitumer Seitumerov, Osman Seitumerov, Rustem Seitmemetov, and Amet Suleymanov – in the so-called case of the “Third Bakhchisarai Hizb ut-Tahrir group.”

These citizens of Ukraine were illegally detained on 11 March 2021 by the FSB of the Russian Federation in the territory of the temporarily occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol, charged under Article 205.5 of the Criminal Code “Establishment of a terrorist organisation.” Also, in violation of international law, they were illegally transferred to the territory of the Russian Federation, to the city of Rostov-on-Don.

By so-called “judgment,” Seitumer Seitumerov was sentenced to 17 years in prison, Osman Seitumerov – 14 years, Amet Suleymanov – 12 years, and Rustem Seitmemetov – 13 years.

Russia once again demonstrated its policy of reprisals and oppression against representatives of the Crimean Tatar people in order to intimidate and suppress any disloyal civil movements and initiatives in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

The Foreign Ministry considers that Russia should overturn the ruling and immediately release Seitumer Seitumerov, Osman Seitumerov, Rustem Seitmemetov, and Amet Suleymanov, as well all Ukrainian citizens it has imprisoned illegally.

“We call on the international community to condemn Russia’s use of unlawful prosecution of the dissent and systematic abuse of anti-terrorist legislation against Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars in Crimea, to step up diplomatic pressure on Russia to release all Ukrainian citizens it has imprisoned illegally, and to continue to protect the rights and freedoms of the residents of the Crimean peninsula, in particular within the Crimea Platform,” the diplomats noted.

Natalia Tolub

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