NATO has approved measures to deter Russia, which is growing its missile arsenal. These are both strategic nuclear weapons and missile and air defense systems.

Defense ministers of NATO member countries have approved a package of political and military measures in response to Russia‘s increase in its missile arsenal. This was announced by the Secretary-General of the Alliance Jens Stoltenberg following a meeting of ministers.

“Today we discussed the growth of Russia’s wide arsenal of missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads,” the Secretary-General said. As an example, he cited the adoption of the Russian Federation on the armament of 9M729 missiles and hypersonic combat unit “Vanguard”, as well as the development of a missile with a nuclear power plant “Burevestnik”.

“For many years, we have seen Russia’s irresponsible nuclear rhetoric aimed at intimidating and threatening NATO member states. Russia’s behavior is destabilizing and dangerous,” Stoltenberg added.

According to him, a number of NATO countries have already announced “new significant investments” in Patriot missile defense systems manufactured by the American company Raytheon and SAMP / T of the European Eurosam.

In addition, Allies plan to purchase more state-of-the-art conventional weapons systems. These are, for example, fifth-generation fighters, which are characterized by the use of stealth technology. Obviously, these are American F-35 aircraft.

Natalia Tolub

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