Russian Attack: Why Hackers Break Laboratories Studying COVID-19

virus COVID-19

The Canadian intelligence department has announced cyberattacks in laboratories searching for a coronavirus vaccine. At the same time, similar cases of information theft have occurred in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Although hacker attacks, also on medical centers, are not new, this case is special.

The intelligence services unanimously say that the APT29 group, also known as Cozy Bear or the Dukes, which works for the Russian intelligence department, is behind the attacks with a high level of credibility.

The First Official Charges

While countries are struggling to invent a vaccine to protect global health, “some are demonstrating selfish interests and irresponsible behavior.” This is how Britain’s Foreign Secretary Dominique Raab reacted to information about Russian cyberattacks.

Of course, Russia immediately denied all charges. Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov denied Russian involvement in the hacker group, saying there was no evidence.

However, the Canadian intelligence department has identified that the malicious programs WellMess and WellMail, which were used in attacks on other objects in the world during the pandemic, have a Russian trace.

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