Russian Federation Issues Special Guide for Pro-Russian Traitors, Collaborators


According to the data of the Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, Kremlin propagandists prepared a specialised 14-page guide for supporters of “Russian world” in Ukraine: “Guide for Ukrainian citizens on organising resistance to the Kyiv puppet government.”

The guide gives detailed advice on sabotage in almost all socially significant areas: civil service, authorities, office work, healthcare, education, law enforcement, religious sphere, etc.

It is full of propaganda of hatred for everything Ukrainian (quote: “rednecks who broke into Kyiv are forming a new reality”) with the appropriate set of terminology: “Kyiv junta,” “puppet government,” “Nazi,” and the like. As for “practical advice,” they completely copy the classic principles of Soviet bureaucracy:

– Give confusing and illogical answers when you are asked for advice

– Even if you speak Ukrainian, speak slowly, forcing an opposing party to offer to switch to Russian

– When discussing any decisions, draw analogies with your own experience, insert anecdotes

– Organise meetings. If possible, offer to repeat them

– If signs of corruption are detected, do not report to management and law enforcement agencies

– Do not order consumables before they are fully used

– Give the worst equipment to the best employees

– Increase the number of documents. Enter daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly plans and reports

– Write as many requests as possible to various authorities

– If you go to the toilet, spend more time there

– Use more medicines and bandaging material than necessary.

“In general, Russian propaganda portrays a pro-Russian collaborator as an illiterate moron who needs professional psychological help,” the Chief Directorate of Intelligence states.

Natalia Tolub

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