The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation and the leadership of the country have repeatedly stated that they use high-precision weapons in the war against Ukraine, allegedly destroying exclusively military facilities of Ukraine’s Armed Forces. This information turned out to be another fake of Russian propaganda.

Russian precision-guided missiles are failing up to 60% of the time in Ukraine, three U.S. officials with knowledge of intelligence on the issue told Reuters on condition of anonymity. Failures can include anything from launch failures to a missile failing to explode on impact.

It is specified that Russia’s failure rate varied day-to-day, depended on the type of missile being launched.

Thus, the intelligence showed that Russia’s air-launched cruise missiles had a failure rate in the 20% to 60% range, depending on the day. Two experts interviewed by Reuters said any failure rate of 20% and above would be considered high.

Earlier, the Pentagon assessed that Russia had launched more than 1,100 missiles of all kinds into Ukraine since the war began.

Missiles and other Russian weapons are actively used to destroy civilian objects in Ukraine: hospitals, schools, museums, theaters, residential areas, infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the press service of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine reported that 135 children have been killed and more than 184 children have been injured to varying degrees as a result of Russian aggression against Ukraine since the beginning of the war.

Most children have been killed in the Kyiv region (64), Kharkiv region (44), Donetsk region (46), Chernihiv region (34), Mykolayiv region (25), Zaporizhzhia region (26), Kyiv city (16), Zhytomyr region (15), Kherson region (15), and Sumy region (14).

Bohdan Marusyak

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