The Russian Federation occupying troops violated the “cease-fire regime” in the Donbas once again. The Joint Forces Operation press service reports this.

In particular, in the Vodiane settlement area, in the Pryazovia, the flight of an enemy’s RPAS of the MEVIK type was detected crossing the demarcation line. Our electronic warfare suppressed the enemy’s drone, having made its further usage impossible.

Besides, a soldier from the Joint Forces detonated an unknown explosive device during engineering works near Vodyany. The soldier received moderate injuries. He was promptly given first aid and evacuated to a medical facility.

Also in the Shumy settlement area, in Donetsk region, two servicemen were wounded because of the RGD-5 grenade explosion, which had been set up, probably, in a tripwire form. Both wounded soldiers were taken to the hospital in Toretsk. Their medical state is stable.

To minimise the consequences of artillery shelling in previous years, the Allied Forces rescuers worked to restore damaged homes and infrastructure. During the day, they repaired eight houses, work on 33 objects is still going on. The Office of Emergencies sappers demined almost eight hectares of territory in the frontline area and handed over 46 explosive devices found for destruction.

In total, Russian Federation militant groups violated the agreements that had come into force on 27 July 2020 three times. It was fixed near Avdiivka and Maryinka. In these areas, an unaimed fire in the direction of our positions from a hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher and small arms was documented.

Natalia Tolub

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