The Russian occupiers in Donbas brutally desecrated the body of a military medic killed near Zaitseve and then handed it over to the Ukrainian side.

“The pictures taken of the body handed over by the occupiers are so horrible that they cannot be looked at, moreover, published,” Ukrinform said in a statement.

For unknown reasons, the body of the deceased was ripped from the hip bone to the neck and then needled harshly. Also, the body was not stored in the morgue and spotted a lot.

Earlier, a video of a knife sticking out of the corpse’s head was posted on occupier-controlled information resources.

Also, on Tuesday, 21 July, the body of a third Ukrainian defender was transferred to the territory controlled by the Ukrainian government. He was wounded during the shelling of an evacuation group near Zaitseve on 13 July and died because the occupiers refused to allow the Ukrainian side to search for him in the “grey zone.”  The person is currently  being identified.

To recap, on 13 July fighters fired at three militaries who had to carry out the evacuation of the fallen Ukrainian hero’s body near Zaitseve. After the “silence mode” was confirmed, the recovery group, in white helmets with identification marks, did not have time to travel over a few meters to reach the victim’s body. At this moment, the enemy shot to kill on small arms.

Natalia Tolub

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