Counterintelligence of the Security Service of Ukraine continue to fix the attempts to recruit Ukrainians by the so-called “MDB LNR.” The public authorities and administration representatives, as well as law enforcement officers who have access to state secrets, are of particular interest for the enemy.

Thus, SBU operatives established that militants controlled by the Russian special services tried to induce a Luhansk Regional State Administration employee to high treason.

The militants detained a woman at the Stanytsia Luhanska checkpoint while visiting her relatives. To incline to confidential cooperation, they resorted to the usual methods of persuasion: threats to life and health of relatives, blackmail. The MGB representatives were interested in the information about the administration work, management and staff personal data, passwords to e-mail, etc. They insisted the administration employee not only pass official information to them systematically but also that she involve her husband, a National Police member, in cooperating with them.

Under pressure, the woman signed an agreement on confidential cooperation. She was given additional instructions and provided with the secret communication channels.

Upon arrival in the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities, the administration employee began receiving e-mails with threats and demands to get in touch.

SBU counterintelligence officers established that the woman did not plan to take any action to the detriment of state security. She provided detailed evidence of her recruitment circumstances, and the tasks received. After a thorough investigation, she was released from criminal liability.

Natalia Tolub

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