Russian War in Ukraine: Lessons Learned and Security Scenarios

When: 24 January, 12:00-13:30
Where: Ukrainian Civil Society Hub (Brussels)

After almost a year, the full-scale Russian aggression on Ukraine continues to devastate the country. Estimations range from tens to hundreds of thousands killed, and the death toll continues to increase. The war has also impacted Europe and the world by creating one of the most significant migration crises and unleashing a multifaceted global economic crisis.
On the ground, after high-intensity battles, this war is evolving into a war of attrition, while the winter brings additional challenges. The conflict integrates high-precision and advanced weaponry, as well as improvised and less sophisticated technologies such as drones, which are used to gather intelligence but also to attack positions and infrastructures.
Join GLOBSEC for an exclusive discussion that will review the lessons learned and impacts of the war. Outstanding experts will share their perspectives on the situation and will present studies conducted in the past months in the country, including five possible scenarios for conflict in 2023.

Iuliia Osmolovska: Head of the GLOBSEC Kyiv office
Hennadiy Maksak: Senior Fellow at Ukraine and Eastern Europe Programme
Dmytro Tuzhanskyi: Fellow and Project Manager for Ukraine and Eastern Europe Programme
Hugues Mingarelli: Former EU Ambassador to Ukraine

The discussion will be followed by a light reception.

GLOBSEC Промоут Юкрейн Ukrainian Civil Society Hub



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