The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, together with Western partners, is looking for new land logistics routes to continue grain exports from Ukraine as Russia has completely blocked shipping. However, land transportation is unlikely to help export all Ukrainian grain.

“Fighting has already placed indirect pressure on global grain prices. While the threat of Russia’s naval blockade continues to deter access by commercial shipping to Ukrainian ports, the resulting supply shortfalls will further increase the price of many staple products,” the British Ministry of Defence reports, citing the intelligence data.

The agency notes that since the beginning of the full-scale war, the Russian Federation has also blocked all grain in the south of Ukraine.

The day before, Lithuania suggested creating a naval coalition to lift the Russian blockade on Ukrainian grain exports across the Black Sea.

According to Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis, a naval escort operation – not run by NATO – could protect the grain ships as they head through the Black Sea. Apart from Britain, countries that were affected by the potential loss of grain, such as Egypt, could provide the necessary protection.

The relevant plan would require demining parts of the Black Sea to ensure safe passage, as well as the agreement of Turkey, which guards the entrance to the Black Sea.

Meanwhile, Russia’s theft of Ukrainian grain ramps up, CNN reports with reference to images from Maxar Technologies showing the ships – the Matros Pozynich and the Matros Koshka – loaded up with grain in the occupied Crimea. Most likely, the grain was taken out of the occupied Kherson region and other territories temporarily not under the control of the Ukrainian government.

According to experts, in the current war against Ukraine, Russia is actively using the methods of the communist totalitarian regime, including famine as a weapon.

The Kremlin says it can allow for a humanitarian corridor for Ukrainian grain exports if the Western sanctions are lifted, thus directly declaring the global food blackmail.

Bohdan Marusyak

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