Russia’s Defence Minister Instructs to Ramp Up Actions in All Directions in Ukraine

Ukrainian-Russian war

The head of the Russian military department, Sergei Shoigu, inspected the occupation forces’ groupings “South” and “Centre” in Ukraine and ordered the Russian invaders to step up their offensive, reads the publication on the Telegram channel of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.

“At the end of the hearing, the head of the Russian military department gave the necessary instructions on the further escalation of the groups’ actions in all operational directions,” the publication reads.

At the same time, the occupiers, striking peaceful Ukrainian cities, cynically cover themselves with the civilian population, declaring that the goal of increasing the offensive of the Russian Federation is to make it impossible for Kyiv to launch massive attacks “on civilian infrastructure, residents of settlements of Donbas and other regions.”

Meanwhile, British intelligence notes in its daily report that Russian offensive operations remain reduced in scope and scale thanks to the successful actions of the Defence Forces of Ukraine.

“Ukrainian defence has been successful in repulsing Russian attacks since Lysychansk was ceded and the Ukrainian defensive line was shortened and straightened. This has allowed for the concentration of force and fires against reduced Russian attacks and has been instrumental in reducing Russia’s momentum,” the report says.

The document notes that Russia has previously made premature and false claims of success. In particular, this concerns the capture of the city of Siversk. This locality is under the control of Ukrainian soldiers, although a few days ago, Russian propaganda announced the city’s capture.

The British special services believe that such disinformation from the Russian side “is in part aimed at demonstrating success to domestic audiences and to reinforce the morale of the fighting forces.”

Bohdan Marusyak

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