The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) takes comprehensive measures to prevent and neutralise threats of information and subversive activities against the state security of Ukraine. More than 2,000 cyber attacks on government electronic resources and strategically important critical infrastructure facilities were neutralised last year.

Based on SBU files, 80 criminals were prosecuted; 26 of them were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment.

In the course of investigative and operational actions, dozens of networks of Internet agents of the special services of the Russian Federation were exposed. On the instructions of their “curators,” the agents carried out hostile information sabotage acts.

It is established that the attackers called on users to seize power and violate the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Provocative materials were shared through specially created Internet platforms and groups on social media sites.

More than 30 criminals were charged with crimes against the national security of Ukraine, and guilty verdicts in almost 40 offences were brought in.

In addition, during this period, SBU officers blocked a powerful cyber attack on Ukrainian government resources. The identities of participants in illegal activities were established. They were representatives of Russia’s FSB-controlled hacker group Armageddon.

So far, eight criminals were charged with treason.

The special operation of the Russian military intelligence on disseminating fake information about the alleged “conscription campaign and mobilisation of minors” in Ukraine also was blocked.

More than 20 enemy sock-puppet farms with a total capacity of almost 150,000 accounts were liquidated. The attackers shared destructive content to undermine the domestic political situation in Ukraine.

The systematic work is underway on all the revealed facts of illegal activity to identify all persons involved in crimes against the state security of Ukraine.

Natalia Tolub

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