Representatives of the Karelian National Movement announced the creation of the Karelian National Battalion (KNB) as part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The activists aim to fight against the Russian invaders in Ukraine and eventually achieve the liberation of Karelia from Russian occupation and the independence of the region.

“We stand for the rallying and unification of all passionate national units in the desire and striving to forever throw off the colonial imperial shackles that squeezed the will of the peoples enslaved by Moscow,” reads the post on the Telegram channel “KNB – Karelian National Battalion”.

Currently, the recruitment of volunteers to join the unit is underway. One of the key requirements for the candidates is the desire to free Karelia from the occupation and to contribute to the victory over the terrorist regime of Vladimir Putin.

The KNB notes that during the Winter War (1939-1940) between the USSR and Finland, Ukrainian units fought in the territory of Karelia on the side of the Armed Forces of Finland. They were led by former Kholodny Yar ataman, lieutenant colonel of the Ukrainian People’s Republic army Yuriy Horlis-Horskyi.

Bohdan Marusyak

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