A march of solidarity with Ukraine – March for Ukraine – was held in Brussels on 8 May. Several thousand Ukrainians and locals who support Ukraine took part in it. The event was organised by NGO “Promote Ukraine” in partnership with the Association of Ukrainian Women in Belgium, Quartier Leopold, London brasserie and LUX/BXL, Institute for Global Transformation.

The march was dedicated to the celebration of Europe Day, which is marked on 9 May. People came to the march holding the flags of Ukraine and the EU and wearing embroidered shirts and wreaths. Demonstrators chanted “Stop Putin, stop war,” “Save Mariupol” and called on the European Union to abandon Russian oil and gas in order not to sponsor the Putin regime.

The end point of the march was Luxembourg Square, near the European Parliament building. After the march, Ukrainians and Belgians were treated to a charity concert with the participation of Go_A soloist Kateryna Pavlenko, pop singer Jerry Heil, and Western performers.

Anyone could donate money online by purchasing a ticket to the concert. Donations could also be made on the spot. In addition, guests could try Ukrainian borscht from chef Yevhen Klopotenko. He made 500 litres of borscht for the event. In the tents, those interested could buy souvenirs: shoppers, T-shirts and stickers with Ukrainian design.

All funds will be transferred to help the Ukrainian people in the struggle for their freedom against the invaders.

Sofia Nazarenko

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