Students in Crimea Brutally Beat Their Crimean Tatar Classmate (Video)

bulling Crimea

In Bakhchisarai, teenagers brutally beat their classmate, a Crimean Tatar girl, journalist Elzara Isliamova informed on her Facebook page, releasing a video of the abuse.


According to local media, the incident occurred at the Bakhchisarai College of Construction, Architecture and Design on 7 April. During the break, the girls pressed their classmate against the wall and started to beat her. The guys filmed the incident on smartphone cameras. Later, this video appeared on social networks. The victim had to seek medical attention.

Public figures of the occupied Crimea immediately responded to the bullying incident.

According to the latest information, college students, who beat the girl, were brought to administrative responsibility and put on preventive registration. According to the victim, that was not the first attack on her.

Commentators on social media complain about the insecurity of the Crimean Tatar people on the peninsula and doubt that the occupation authorities will really punish the perpetrators and protect the national minority. According to some people, “murderers are sentenced to eight years in prison, and a person who professes Islam is sentenced to 20 years.”

Bohdan Marusyak

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