Ten European Countries Provided Kyiv with All Promised Military Aid

tanks for Ukraine

Ukraine’s partners promised to provide military assistance to the country totaling EUR 80.7 billion, but so far only 10 states have fully fulfilled their obligations, Bild reports with reference to research by the Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW).

Analysts note that since the beginning of June, the actual supply of weapons has decreased in volume and slowed down compared to previous months.

The leader in the supply of military aid to Ukraine is Poland, which provided 100% of the promised weapons worth EUR 1.8 billion. Warsaw sent more than 100 AHS Krab howitzers from its own stocks. In absolute terms, it ranks second after the United States of America, which provided weapons for EUR 2.33 billion (38.4%) of the promised EUR 6.3 billion.

Also, Latvia (EUR 220 million), France (EUR 160 million), Italy (EUR 150 million), Belgium (EUR 80 million), Luxembourg (EUR 50 million), Finland (EUR 30 million), Slovenia (EUR 10 million), Austria (EUR 3.3 million), and Bulgaria (EUR 3.5 million) fulfilled their obligations in full.

In absolute terms, after the USA and Poland, the leaders in providing military assistance to Ukraine are the UK (90.7% of the promised EUR 1.12 billion) and Canada (82.5% of the promised EUR 920 million).

Out of the promised EUR 675 million of military aid, Germany provided Ukraine with weapons worth EUR 269 million, that is, 39.9%. It is followed by New Zealand (31% of EUR 3.6 million) and Greece (5.8% of EUR 250 million).

Portugal, Romania, Croatia, and South Korea have not yet provided promised aid to Ukraine.

Bohdan Marusyak

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