Occupation authorities sent neurologist Yuri Shapovalov to prison cause of posts on social networks, Vchasnoua reports.

As reported by the so-called “State Security Service of the DPR“, on April 16, 2020, the court sentenced Yuri Shapovalov to 13 years in prison with imprisonment in a maximum-security colony. According to the militants, Shapovalov’s fault lies in pro-Ukrainian posts on Twitter.

“Since 2014, the said citizen has maintained an account on the social network Twitter, posted information that contributes to the destabilization of the socio-political situation in the country, as well as collected data on the location of military facilities, movement of equipment and personnel of the DNR Armed Forces,” said terrorists in the statement. In addition, the militants claim that the man was recruited by the Ukraine Security Service.

Note that Yuri Shapovalov is a Donetsk neurologist. He was abducted by militants in January 2018, when he was returning home from work. According to media reports, before his detention, he maintained a Twitter account under the nickname “Zalyshenets Donetskyi”, in which he talked about life in occupied Donetsk, illustrating his posts with photos.

According to the former prisoner of the militants, journalist Stanislav Aseyev on his Facebook page, he passed the name of Yuri Shapovalov to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, but he wasn’t included in the exchange lists.

Natalia Tolub

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