The European Advocacy Forum 2023 was concluded with a historical moment of joint signature of the Manifesto of Ukrainian Civil Society Organisations: Actions Agenda in Support of Ukraine for the European Elections 2024.

It will serve as the first step in the joint advocacy campaign and a symbol of a united Ukrainian Civil Society in the European Union.

Ahead of the European #elections in 2024, we, Ukrainian civil society organsations based in the European Union, unite to present this manifesto that reflects our collective vision, values, and aspirations.

Our mission is to advocate for the victory of Ukraine, sustainable peace with security guarantees for #Ukraine, and Ukraine’s role in the #EU – which we consider essential for upholding democracy, security, human rights, and prosperity on the European continent.

Please read the Manifesto on our website…/

Should you wish to sign the Manifesto, please email us at

Let’s stay united for the Ukrainian victory!

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