On 8 November, the exhibition “Helsinki to Kyiv back to the future” was held in Brussels, which depicted the emergence of new, modern nations from the Baltic to the Black Sea in 1917-1918.

MEPs from the Baltic countries presented their states, and the founder and president of the Brussels NGO Promote Ukraine, Marta Barandiy , spoke as a representative of Ukraine.

the exhibition "Helsinki to Kyiv back to the future"

In her speech, Marta returned to the 1917-1918 years of Ukrainian history and raised the issue of freedom of will. After the collapse of the Russian Empire in 1917, the Ukrainian liberation movement got the opportunity to create its own state. Still, due to the blinding of the then elites with the new ideology of socialism and the insufficient power of the existing army, Ukraine lost the opportunity to become independent. Subsequently, under the pressure of Soviet propaganda, a puppet state was created under the name of the Ukrainian SSR, in which real Ukrainian values were suppressed, immediate pressure on culture and self-identity began, and under the oppression of repression since 1922, Ukraine had to remain silent for a long 69 years.

With the achievement of independence, Ukraine restored its right to freedom of will, but modern Russia, as then and now, does not stop trying to conquer this right. History repeats itself, and the ongoing war must determine the future of the freedom of will of Ukraine. The winner will be one, and it must be Ukraine, which is now fighting for justice and peace in the whole of Europe.

the exhibition "Helsinki to Kyiv back to the future"
the exhibition "Helsinki to Kyiv back to the future"

We thank our partners and neighbouring countries for supporting Ukraine in this war. Our friends know better than anyone what kind of enemy we are facing, so such meetings are a small reminder to the world about the essence and ideology of Russia as an aggressor country.

Promote Ukraine Team

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