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“Irpin.Invincible” and Press Conference Taking Place in Ukrainian Сivil Society Hub

The exhibition “Irpin.Invincible” and a press conference with the city mayor of Irpin are currently taking place in the Ukrainian Сivil Society Hub.

“Irpin.Invincible” is the exhibition dedicated to the war in Irpin and the life of the city under occupation.

In the photo, you can see burned, destroyed things; a crib; dishes, and many other things that were part of the peaceful life of the city’s residents. Now, it is a reminder and proof of #RussianWarCrimes. We will not forgive.

Can such atrocities go unpunished in the 21st century? NO❗️ Are gas and oil more important than stopping the #RussianWarCrimes? NO❗️

We must all work to stop Russia immediately and prevent such atrocities that are already taking place in other temporarily occupied territories!

photo: Yana Brovdiy


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