Serbian journalists published information about Ukrainian citizens’ participation in mass protests in Belgrade. Ukrainian diplomats called such statements fake.

The Ukrainian Embassy in Serbia has denied information about the involvement of Ukrainians in the riots in the Serbian capital. The relevant statement was published on the Embassy’s website.

The statement said that fake information about the “Ukrainian scenario” and the involvement of Ukrainians in the protests in Serbia had been disseminated by Russian and pro-Russian information resources. Ukrainian diplomats urged Serbian media not to spread false information.

“These days, information about the alleged ‘Ukrainian scenario’ and the involvement of Ukrainians in the events in Serbia is being spread in the information space of Serbia through Russian and pro-Russian information resources. In this regard, the Embassy of Ukraine in Serbia officially declares that the state of Ukraine in no way interferes in the domestic political situation in the Republic of Serbia,” the diplomats announced.

Earlier, the Serbian newspaper “Alo” published the article “Mercenaries from Ukraine destroyed Belgrade! A new revelation about the destructive protests of demonstrators.” The publication said that the protests in Belgrade were allegedly attended by mercenaries of the American private military company Blackwater; citizens of Serbia, who had previously participated in the war in Donbas against Russians; and separatists. After that, the information was disseminated by Russian media.

The protests have been going on in Serbia since 7 July. They began after the decision to impose a curfew because of the epidemiological situation worsening. Thousands of people rioted in Belgrade streets, demanding the president’s resignation and trying to enter parliament. After that, the police intervened and used tear gas.

Natalia Tolub

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