The act of vandalism next to the Wailing Wall in the Svalyava Memorial Park in Transcarpathia region is a provocation aimed at Ukrainian- Hungarian relations destabilization, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba announced.

“This act of vandalism is a provocation aimed at destabilization of the situation in Transcarpathia, someone wants to prevent us from overcoming the disputes with Hungary… Despite all the verbal and physical provocations, I believe that Ukraine and Hungary can find mutually acceptable solutions to resolve disputes without crossing red lines by none counterpart,” the minister stressed.

According to him, law enforcement officers already investigate “this shameful act.” Kuleba emphasized that provocations should not be allowed to be used to promote anti-Hungarian mood in Ukraine and escalate anxieties in Ukrainian-Hungarian relations.

Let’s remind, the secretary of Svalyava memorial park council Dyord Dupko reported that vandals had desecrated materials of the Wailing Wall back part exposition. According to him, unknown people tore down and desecrated the panel, which contained the information in three languages ​​- Ukrainian, Hungarian and German.

Bogdan Marusiak

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