The inactivity of the Ukrainian authorities in resolving the Donbas situation is glaringly obvious. And this is understood by the partners in Paris and Berlin. Dmitriy Peskov, the Russian Federation President’s press-secretary, stated this in an interview with a Russian TV channel.

He reiterated the Kremlin propaganda’s version of the “internal Ukrainian conflict.”

“Neither Russia, nor France, nor Germany took part in this conflict. Russia, Germany and France are doing their best to aid Ukraine to cope with this conflict,” Peskov said.

He added that “Paris and Berlin do not hide their disappointment with many issues of this situation.”

According to Putin’s spokesman, Moscow has not received any proposals from the Ukrainian side, and “none calls now.”

Peskov stressed that the implementation of the Paris and the Minsk agreements “is not a postponed issue, since none has even begun on it.”

To recap, the Kremlin tries to shift the responsibility once again from itself and declares the Russian Federation not to be a “the conflict’s party.” However, the world community thinks differently, as has been repeatedly stated by international partners. In particular, German Foreign Minister Heiko Josef Maas declared in April this year: “It was and remains clear to us, which is also the basis of the Normandy format, that Moscow and Kyiv are the agreement’s counterparts, that Russia and Ukraine signed the Minsk agreements, not Germany or France. That is why they remain the aggrieved parties for us.” The same opinion was announced by Enrique Mora, Secretary-General of the European Foreign Service, Political Director, in July: “Russia’s role is clear for us. It is not a mediator in this conflict, but it’s a party.”

On the global stage, the Russian Federation’s role as a “party to the conflict” in the Ukrainian issue is not doubtful. Though Moscow continues to distance itself actively from the Donbas war, it does not deny its weapons, military equipment and other equipment supply to the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Bohdan Marusyak

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