The Luhansk Prosecutor’s Office has identified about 600 victims of torture by militants

The prosecutor’s office of the Luhansk region considers more than 6 thousand criminal proceedings over the law violations committed by the armed groups in Donbass. At the same time, law enforcement officers identified about 600 people who suffered directly from torture, the Luhansk region prosecutor Alexey Lyashenko reported.

He also informed that a special register of victims of crimes which had been committed during the Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine was created in order to systematize and accumulate data about victims.

According to Lyashenko, the information about more than 4,200 victims of criminal offenses related to the Russian Federation’s armed aggression against Ukraine has been already entered into the register of pre-trial investigations.

As the prosecutor’s office stated, the register set up will allow citizens to obtain the appropriate procedural status of the victim, evaluate the amount of the damage and apply to the court for the further compensation.

Let’s remind, the Investigation Department of the crimes committed under the circumstances of the armed conflict was created in the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine in October of 2019.

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