The main recipient of the gathering at the Charity concert of classical music in support of Ukraine – Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles – is the Patients of Ukraine Charitable Foundation.

It is one of the strongest and most recognised organisations in Ukraine. It represents the interests of the patients’ community in Ukraine.

Currently, we have 44 member organisations and represent the interests of more than 15 million patients with various diseases from all over the country.

Among the organisers of the concert is a representative of this organisation, Irina Rachinskaya, who is currently in Brussels. She is looking for support to provide patients with medicines and medical supplies.

“I have communication with every doctor and patient community, and it is my responsibility that people do not forget about the war because it must be the victory of humanity over terrorism. The concert will be attended by incredibly talented and strong people who are trying hard and in various ways to defeat the deadly Russia. It is a unifying event for the victory of life.”

After the beginning of the war, we are focusing our efforts on the following:
1. Provide medicines and medical products to the health facilities in Ukraine, focusing on
hospitals in the flashpoints and areas of the evacuation of victims from the flashpoints;
2. Provide medicines and medical products to the seriously ill patients, who are
particularly vulnerable during the war and often remain out of focus and without vital

Our strengths are:
✅ well-established operational component: transparent financial accounting and
reporting on the received charitable contributions;
✅ strong analytical team that monitors and verifies the needs;
✅ a strong network of volunteers ready to get involved in logistics;
✅ established cooperation with the health care government agencies and
pharmaceutical companies.

We are also happy to accept humanitarian aid or medicines donations and deliver them to the end-users.
You are welcome! We need your support! Join us!

You can learn more about our activities and our full reporting on the resources:
Fb-community of CF Пацієнти України
website https://patients.org.ua/



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