This Sunday, there were many of us, Ukrainians and friends of our country, who filled the central streets of Brussels. The march chain stretched almost a kilometer long.

And it helped Ukrainians to be heard, seen. The world remembered Ukraine again. But unfortunately, not all demonstrations are like this. Fewer people are coming to demonstrations because they have work, business, friends.

However, let’s consider what price we pay to live a peaceful lives. The price of thousands of Ukrainian lives, holding back Russia. Thanks to Ukrainian soldiers, Europe still lives a peaceful life. However, if Ukraine does not win, the war will come to the homes of EU citizens.

We urge Europeans to attend demonstrations in support of Ukraine, so that world leaders see the strength of unity among nations and do not forget to include Ukraine on their agenda. Only together can we continue to pressure European politicians to do everything possible for Ukraine’s victory and for the protection of the European Union.

So, there should be many of us at every demonstration. Europe must see, hear, and not forget about us. Because this is our common fight!

Photo: Anfisa Humeniuk

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