The post-independence oligarchic consensus allows oligarchs to maintain control over weak state institutions and hinder their development through their influence on the political system, the financing of political projects, and the media, writes Lviv Security Forum.

They get access to the state budget, natural resources, and privatisation. In the hands of the oligarchic class, these are critical to the security of the state infrastructure, including heating and electricity, communications, transport.

Under such conditions, the justice system and law enforcement agencies work to serve the interests of the oligarchs, not to ensure justice.

How does this relate to Russian aggression?

Weak state institutions are beneficial to Russia because they reduce Ukraine’s ability to counter both military and hybrid aggression.

Oligarchic monopolies, through their direct ties to the Russian government and stable business ties, are holding back Ukraine’s Western course, which is Russia’s main goal.

Under such conditions, it is necessary:

– To increase penalties and limit the possibility of collaboration with Russia – this applies to both the oligarchs and their controlled politicians, media and business.

– To return to the state real mechanisms of control over critical infrastructure, regardless of the form of ownership.

– To demand that the West stops providing the money of oligarchs in Western financial systems.

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